The Faithful One Prays.

The faithful one should constantly pray to Almighty  God  to  strengthen
his  faith;  he prays for the city in which he lives; for all people who
suffer; and for deliverance from all disturbances of mind and body.   He
frequently appeals to Almighty God for protection, and commends his life
to the Lord.

Beseech the Lord.

The faithful one beseeches the Lord in peace to fulfill his  needs.   It
is  considered  a  priviledge  of  the  human  race  to  appeal  to  God
unceasingly, not only to request His guidance but also  to  beseech  Him
for enlightenment and steadfastness of faith and communion with God.  To
attain this communion with God, the  faithful  should  read  the  Divine
Revelation  of  the  Bible,  and  should  reflect this Divine Message by
praying and giving thanks to Almighty God for His many Blessings.

Again and Again.

Always, the faithful, in work or recreation, praise the Lord  again  and
again,   "unceasingly".    Apostle  Paul  admonished  the  Thessalonians
(Chapter 5, Verses 16-18)  saying,  "rejoice  ever  more,  pray  without
ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Jesus
Christ concerning you."


Litany is a form of prayer  consisting  of  a  series  of  petitions  or
supplications  which  are  sung  or said by the clergy, and to which the
people make fixed responses, (e.g. "Lord, have mercy";  "Grant  this,  O
Lord";  or  "To  Thee,  O  Lord",  etc.)  Litany  originated in the East
(Antioch, Constantinople) in the 4th century, and was adopted  later  by
the  West.   In  the Eastern Orthodox Liturgies, litany is the principal
act of devotion in congregational worship of our Lord.


Alleluia (Praise ye Yak, ye Jehovah) is a liturgical expression  meaning
praise  to Almighty God.  It is found in the Bible, especially in Psalms
111-117.  It is used frequently in Christian prayers, especially  during
Lent,  when the faithful Christian with humbleness and penitence devotes
himself to praising God, accomplishing  His  Will  and  reaffirming  his
faith.   The word Alleluia reflects his sincere devotion in praising God
as well as the steadfastness of his  faith.   Alleluia  is  a  one  word
spiritual pronouncement of rich heritage in the Bible.  It frequently is
recited and sung as a complete statement to seal and affirm the  content
of a Psalm.