God alone is Holy, without sin, unlike man, who is a sinner despite his
virtues and devotion. God is Holy, Mighty, and Immortal; He is
glorified by the angels with the "thrice-holy-voices." The Christian
also praises God by the Thrice Holy Hymn and asks Almighty God for
forgiveness and sanctification so that he may worship God in holiness
all the days of his life.


The cornerstone of the Christian Church is belief in the Holy Trinity:
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, three persons, cosubstantial
and undivided. This basic belief is both the source and the destiny of
the Truths of the Christian Church.

The Orthodox Church is unique in keeping undefiled the truth concerning
the Holy Trinity, as recorded in the Bible, preserved by the Early
Church and later defined through the guidance of the Holy Spirit by the
First and Second Ecumenical (Church Wide) Synods. The Nicene Creed in
its first eight articles pronounced the belief in the Holy Trinity as
Christianity's main doctrine for salvation. This belief is in the Holy
Trinity as three Persons of the same Essence, cosubstantial and
undivided. This belief in the Holy Trinity is not merely a theory or an
object of speculation, but has been revealed by God Himself in the
Scriptures. The true Christian experiences of the blessings of the Holy
Trinity, is living the faith in his everyday life. Belief in the Holy
Trinity empowers one to practice the moral principles of the Gospel in
the Name of God as an indication of obedience and true worship "in
spirit and truth". It is reflected in a willingness to help one's
neighbor and the "least one", because "faith without good works is dead"
(James, Chapter 2, Verse 26), and also because "by works was faith made
perfect" (James, Chapter 2, Verse 22), and it is "faith which worketh by
love" (Galatians, Chapter 5, Verse 6).