Flying Saucers: Theological Existence?

Do Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) exist? The sightings that permeate the news in these past 60-70 years, or so, would certainly let us know that the answer is that UFOs definitely exist. So, now what? Should we all panic that the "Martians" are coming to get us? Shall we get out our Invaders TV episodes for strategems on how to defeat the menace from our planet? Wasn't that humorous?

Seriously, God created the Heavens and the Earth, and all creatures that inhabit them. Some of those creatures believe in being faithful to God and promote His Creation, and others do not. Spiritual deception results from our sinful life and our refusal to repent from our sins, and our failure to secure the Gift of Grace that is ours by believing on Jesus Christ, our Only Saviour and Lord.

Spiritual deception causes spiritual blindness and spiritual ignorance. Such is the case when we encounter the unknown. For instance, for years, Western Christians began to believe in the concept that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Later, an eyewitness to the contrary had testified to the reality of the Earth and the planets revolving around the Sun. So, Western Theologians of the heretical kind persecuted this scientist and threatened him with death unless he should recant his valid observations, observations that were later verified by other scientists and mathematicians.

I can remember a bible study led by Father Homer P. Goumenis (May his memory be eternal) whereby he legitimized the existence of UFOs and taught all of us to have our eyes open to the unknown with great vigilence and spiritual discernment. He taught us that it is illogical for us to assume that we are alone in the universe. There are too many planets orbiting too many suns for us to have the pride of saying that we are unique creations in the universe. If we deny what is undeniably true, then we are perceived as unlettered and unlearned.

Recently, certain theories have been circulating about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Some of these theories state that they are piloted by aliens from other planets, and that they may have good or bad intentions. Others theorize that the aliens and the UFOs are nothing but phenomena strictly from the dark side of the spiritual world. Still yet others claim to have had encounters with these UFOs that includes abduction, alien experimentation of human subjects, and other kinds of genetic experimentation. Still others claim that certain aliens have come with the intent to show us wonderful new ways to live in peace, harmony, and luxury. Others have speculated that we are nothing but food for their tasty cuisine of humanoid a la carte! What are we to believe?

Postulate #1: We act like the ostrich and bury our head in the sand and pretend that alien beings from outerspace don't exist. The United States government wants us to accept this argument for the good of "our society". Thus, project blue-book was hatched as the biggest cover-up operation ever conducted by a government in the history of mankind. But, you know what? Nobody believes the government's position on UFOs, because the evidence to the contrary, including recent trusted sightings by the Mexican Air Force is indicative that UFOs actually exist.

Postulate #2: We accept the existence of UFOs and attempt to peacefully find out why they are visiting us and what their concerns might be, assuming that all aliens are good and have all men and women of this planet in their best intentions. But, you know what? Not all aliens are Godly creatures. So, shall we not test alien motivations by being good fruit inspectors?

Postulate #3: We accept the existence of UFOs and gun them down before they get us. All aliens are bad and must be exterminated. But you know what? Who are we to judge another of God's creatures?

Postulate #4: We accept the existence of UFOs and realize that there are aliens from many different planets, solar systems, and galaxies. Some of them are good and support God and His precepts. Others are evil and would pursue their own selfish interests. Others are Angelic. Still others are Demonic. What would God have us do? Shall we hold a trial of all aliens and judge them for their crimes? Shall we hang them high? If we read Holy Scripture, we must learn to give Agape to all, including every one of God's creatures. Who are we to judge them? Are we not sinful too? Will we not be judged with the same judgment we would propose to inflict on them?

Postulate #5: We accept the existence of UFOs and decide to worship them as superior "gods" and cater to their every whim, serving them instead of God, THE GOD, WHO created us all including them (assuming that all aliens are good and have all men and women of this planet in their best intentions and will share all their secrets and usher in utopia for us). But, you know what? All aliens are creatures of God, and not gods to be worshipped. So, shall we not worship aliens and instead worship God? Otherwise, don't we face a jealous and angry God?

The evidence seems to indicate that of the above postulates, number 4 is the reasonable choice. And, God sends them to test how we will react to them when they come into our world. Will they be treated as invaders or as honored guests? Will we extend our hospitality or our guns? Why are we so war-like? Will we blow ourselves up in thermo-nuclear-war? Maybe the good aliens (those who acknowledge, as their God and Creator, the Holy Trinity and who teach and practice worship of our One God [Three Persons, One in Essence, and Undivided]) will defend themselves against our doing that? (Or, better yet, as Holy Scripture says, the Heavens and the Earth shall be arrested away from our destructive stewardship!) Perhaps it is the spirit of fear. But, there is no fear to be found in agape. Agape is what God wants us to do with all His creatures. If we cannot do this, we risk our very existence. Shall we pass the test of the good aliens and prove ourselves to be worthy citizens of God's universe? My humble suggestion is that we all retreat to our prayer closets and seek God's Help, Guidance, and Affirmation. Once we do that, God would appreciate it very much that we would trust Him sufficiently to follow His Commandments even if it goes against our selfish interests. What are His Commandments, in sum?

Give agape to God with all your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Give agape to your neighbor in like manner that you give agape to yourself.

All the law and the Prophets are fulfilled automatically by following the above two commandments of the Word of God made flesh. The only one we may say is Worthy to Judge all of us is our Lord Jesus Christ - Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, He Who was, He Who is, and He Who ever shall be; world without end, Amen.

Lord, have mercy. Amen.

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