How many times have we pursued truth only to  find  that  it  is  yet
elusive  and  just beyond our grasp?  Indeed without any help at all, it is
impossible to find the ultimate truth.

      Again, how many times have we been scared off by the truth because we
would rather hide our hidden things away from others?

      Let us delve into what it is that Truth is, and where we can find it,
plus why we need the Truth.

      Truth is best found when it is considered in the totality of a  given
axiom.   Truth  is  ultimately  found  when  the  Source  behind  a certain
phenomenon is fully divulged.

      Truth therefore springs from God Who is the Creator  of  all  things.
It then follows that only God knows All-Truth.  Now, if we accept the Faith
of Christianity (and it is hoped  that  all  who  read  this  do),  then  a
Christian  Church  in  order  to have the Whole Truth of God must have been
founded by God, governed by God, and given to us by God.

      In 33 AD, Jesus Christ, the Son of  God,  charged  His  disciples  to
'Make  disciples of all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father
and the Son and the Holy Spirit'.  Thus started the Christian Church  (Body
of  Christ).   As the Church grew, it reached out into all the known world:
Rome, Corinth, Jerusalem, Antioch, Cyprus, Constantinople, and  many  other
world  centers.   In  the  face of intense persecution from Rome, the early
Christians persevered with the help of God.  Then with  the  conversion  of
Constantine,  Emperor  of  Rome, the persecutions ended.  On a day in 1054,
the Unity which Christianity  enjoyed  was  abruptly  terminated  when  the
Bishop  of  Rome  was excommunicated from the Christian Church.  The reason
for the excommunication was that the Bishop of Rome elevated himself to  be
the  head  of  the  Christian Church; the Vicar of Christ on Earth, thereby
seemingly supplanting Jesus Christ  Himself  from  His  rightful  position.
This  along  with problems concerning the unauthorized Filioque Addition to
the Nicene Creed mounted up to be too big a problem  to  be  ignored.   The
problem  would just not go away.  Thus, the Roman Catholic Church was born.
In order to be protected from these and other heresies, the Early Christian
Church  adopted  the  adjective  'Orthodox'  which  means  'Right Glory' in
describing itself.  From that point  on  to  this  present  day,  the  Holy
Orthodox  Church which traces Her history back to Jesus Christ Himself, and
has Jesus Christ as Her Head has remained Undivided, and truly  One.   With
this background, I go on:

      Now, to make a strong statement of Truth concerning Truth:

	       The Orthodox Christian Faith contains all the Truth.
	       The   Divine Body     of God contains all the Truth.

      Since we are imperfect because of our loss of contact  with  God,  we
cannot  of ourselves find out or deduce the Truth.  In fact, many of us are
not even aware that the Heavens and the Earth and  everything  visible  and
invisible  was  created  by a Supreme Personal Being.  For all of us, it is
incomprehensible how this creation could have taken place, and  what  steps
are  needed  to  keep  the  creation going.  Mankind is an ignorant body of
living souls made in the Image and Likeness of God, but  through  Mankind's
Fall, had lost the ability to be Like the Creator.

      A theory  has  been  advanced  that  it  is  most  unlikely  that  an
artificially  intelligent   computer   program   could   ever  gain  enough
intelligence or  knowledge  to  gain  the  understanding  of  its  creator.
Similarly,  it  is  quite  inconceivable that a bridge could understand the
reason for its existence; given that it were capable of  such  originality.
Finally, the classic parable of the 2 Dimensional Universe interacting with
a 3 Dimensional Universe:  how do the people in the 2 Dimensions (length  +
width)  comprehend the third dimension (Depth)?  Since a line is made up of
an infinite number of dots (points), Do the Two-Dimensional  People  see  a
dot  when a line with a given depth is passing through (intersecting) their
world called 'Flat Land'?  Flat  Landers  would  not  be  able  to  see  or
comprehend depth, and if the dot appeared and disappeared randomly in their
Universe, they would probably not be able to know why or predict when these
phenomena would occur in their world.

      Is it possible to see here how ignorant we are yesterday, today,  and
tomorrow,  even  with  all  the scientific advancements we enjoy today?  It
would appear that it ought to be easy for us to  recognize  our  ignorance.
Without the Creator's Wisdom, we are nothing, and know nothing.

      So, it is that the seemingly foreign  claim  of  Orthodox  Christians
that  their  Faith  contains  the Whole Truth might not seem so incredible.
The reason this is so, is that the Holy Orthodox  Church  is  not  of  this
world,  nor  does it move in any action or force by any earthly power.  The
Holy Orthodox Church is a living organism of God,  and  is  rooted  in  the
Kingdom  of  Heaven  where all Glory, Honour, Worship, and Love is directed
towards the Creator, Who in  turn  supports  the  entire  Body  and  it  is
protected as a Unit (a Unified Whole), for the Body is God.

      The concept of the Holy Orthodox Church (Ecclesia) (Body) is that  it
is  a  living organism of God, and contains members who are growing towards
an ultimate communion with God and  growing  in  the  knowledge  that  each
individual  member is important to the functioning of the Body, as each has
its special function which supports and works in harmony with other  parts.
We  connect  the Holy Orthodox Church with the Creator because a connection
with the Creator on a level with the Creator exists.  Whereas, if  we  were
to  connect  something  to  an Earthly influence, then we would be limiting
ourselves to the wisdom of the Earth.  Since  the  Earth  is  part  of  the
Creation and is indeed created, then, it holds that the Earth knows nothing
about its existence, or meaning, or reason for being.   Likewise  with  us,
since  we were created, we know nothing about our existence, or meaning, or
reason for being.

      The Holy Orthodox Church, however, being of  God,  Who  with  a  Word
Created All - Visible and Invisible, contains all the Wisdom of the Creator
including all things which we, as mankind, are ignorant about.

      Few things in life can be counted on as a certainty.  While there can
be  some  doubt  in our minds over whether a Christian Church of some given
denomination which you can  pick  at  random  is  Divinely  part  of  God's
Mystical  Body of Christ, there is definitely no doubt whatsoever about the
fact that the Holy Orthodox Church can be  counted  on  to  be  the  Divine
Institution  of God that it is.  For those puzzled about why there can be
any doubt at all with the Christian Denominations, let us drink in 2 views
of present day Christian Churches:

	       1.  Each Denomination of Christianity is rooted from the
	           Roman Catholic Church and exists because of a difference
		   of doctrine and practice seen between them and the Roman
		   Catholic Church.  Further, it is a fact that
		   disagreements arose between members within a
		   Denomination which gave rise to the birth of a new
		   Denomination.  Today, there are over 225 different
		   Denominations of Christian Churches.  Interesting, isn't

	       2.  Each Denomination is divided over Doctrine and Practice
		   amongst other Denominations, and the Holy Orthodox
		   Church.  This observation leads one to the conclusion
		   that the Holy Spirit of God might possibly be absent,
		   heaven forbid, from these Denominations because the Holy
		   Spirit of God brings Unity and Divine Wisdom in a
		   Unified Force, plus He is the Protector of the Faith.

      As Orthodox Christians, we should and must bring  Unity  and  deposit
the  Truth  wherever  it is necessary to destroy the Evil demon of Division
that seeks to tear assunder all of Christendom.  In order to stop the onset
of yet  more  Denominations, it is our responsibility and stewardship to do
all we can to bring us together in a Unified True Faith  in  Christ  Jesus,
and  to continue to clarify our Faith through Ecumenical Councils.  This is
the only way to solve the dangerous rip in the fabric of Christianity.  Why
so?   Only  the  Holy Spirit of God can heal this dis-unity, but we need to
convoke an Ecumenical Council in order to allow the  healing  by  the  Holy
Spirit of God to take place.

      Further, as Orthodox Christians, we should not, and hopefully do  not
point  our  fingers at other denominations saying that they are not part of
us; not part of the Holy Orthodox Church.  To do contrary  is  to  do  what
only God can do and should do:  Judge.  None of us are up to that task, and
it is suicidal to attempt it.

      On the other hand it might  be  severely  dangerous  to  assume  that
everything  is  rosey  with  a  particular  Christian Denomination.  For to
assume so, is also a  judgment  and  for  the  same  reasons  is  a  deadly
practice.   So,  if  uncertainty  is felt, it would be best to count on the
Holy Orthodox Church for one's salvation.  Now before the Baptist and other
Born Again believers jump to criticize that statement, let me make it clear
that Salvation is attained through the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ  for  our
sins.  What I am adding as a dimension to that is that Jesus Christ and the
Holy Orthodox Church are inseparable;  identical,  and  undividable.    You
cannot  look  at one without seeing the other, and you cannot see the other
without beholding the one.

       May the Divine Wisdom of the Holy Trinity be with you, now  and  for
ever and from all Ages to all Ages.  Amen.

Love in Christ,
Petros Presbeftes
Gospel Outreach Download System Node 2
Douglasville, GA