Ecumenism: The Heresey of Heresies!

by Father Arsenie Papacioc

On the sects and the Roman Catholic Church, I have written about this, an entire book, entitled "Solely the Orthodoxy".

They are anathemetized; that's the way it is. Why? Because if you alter a sliver of anything I have said, says the Saviour, let it be Anathema! You can no longer be saved! In every circumstance, we must preserve all that (the) Ecumenical Councils have decided, because it wasn't done either by you or me! It was done through Councils that lasted hundreds of days, abounding with signs and miracles, with the Holy Spirit! This is how the truthwas established: at (by) the Seven Ecumenical Councils! The first was (held) in 325 A.D., and the last in 787 A.D. (In these Seven Ecumenical Councils) They decided on all things in unity. The (Roman) Catholics split in 1054 A.D. The (Seven Ecumenical Councils) Synods were complete by then! At the Sixth Ecumenical Council, Pope Martin was a martyr (witness)! Why do they betray him now? Why did they (the Roman Catholic Church) depart?

And from here, everything started! Luther began the Protestant movement, (These, the Protestants, quickly divided into many sects) the Anglicans, and so on...

We do not guarantee them (Roman Catholics and Protestants) salvation, we cannot! The Holy Fathers, too, entire Ecumenical Councils, consider that their teachings are heresies! We simply cannot consider an anathematized heresy as salvific.

What about Ecumenism? Well, of course, I am against it! This is what I was talking about. (I am) against it as in a life and death struggle! What ecumenism? What do you want to reconcile now, coming with arrogance and approaching me? The Pope came to Romania; not, to chat over a cup of coffee, not to observe the Christian movement (Life) and to rejoice over the fullness of the churches during feast days. He came and served a liturgy to prove something! He thought he would be a winner! What did he do with the Uniates? What did he do when he realized that he could in no way conquer them, because they initially worshipped as Orthodox? (The Pope said to them...) "Worship as you please, but as regards to administration, you must belong to us". And look at them now: they are more "catholic" than the (Roman) catholics! And this is what they want now, to conquer, hegemony! They want to dominate. And I tell you, may our good Lord forgive me, but woe are they! Look what they did recently in Rome [at the burial of Pope John Paul II]: it was a nefarious demonstration with hidden motives.

Do we believe that the Pope was just a Pope? He had various roles, all kinds of debts, God knows them (the debts), God knows them all. . .

Brothers, the smallest departure is a great fall! There is so much order and purity in Heaven that we will certainly be accepted with great honors, surely, but without departures from the Truth. . .

People are flabbergasted by the flamboyance and order, but all of this is false! False! A show! A show! A sickening show that suits their goals. And only to conquer! However, they have seriously hurt themselves, it is a self-destructive process, because people are not that foolish!

What the mob demands is irrelevant [beatification of the late Pope]. What matters is the truth that comes out of the crowds! And the truth is only represented in illumined people, because God does not allow Himself to be duped, my beloved! It does not work for me to say one thing and you another, to add and to distort and so on. . . because these are transgressions against dogma! Hear what they say: the Pope is the Vicar of God! The vicar does not exist unless the Master is dead! (Is the Master dead?) We have a living Master, (Jesus) Christ (the Lord of Lords and King of Kings)!!! Christ is alive; why do I need a vicar??? (Christ said and says presently) "For lo, I am with you (always) until the end of time." We live through faith (believing) not (by) eyesight!

We (the True Orthodox Church of Christ Jesus) have an order, a hierarchy. It was like this for 1054 years, even though the Patriarch at Rome was (given the honorary title) "primus inter pares", or first among equals. He (the Patriarch at Rome) was the first consulted, but with a (Ecumenical) Council; it is not one's own opinion that holds sway; rather, (it is) what the entire Council decides (that) matters; what all the members (of the Council) hold (unanimously) to be true (by the action of the Holy Spirit)!!! The Apostles appeared immediately at the Dormition of the Theotokos (God-Bearer, the Ever-Virgin Mary) brought together on the clouds of the sky. They held a (Church-wide) Council in Jerusalem, but (the Apostle) Peter was not (its) president! Decisions were made in a (collegial) synodal way; nothing was decreed (by a sinful man) from on (his prideful) high. And such a thing cannot be (to have a Council directed by a mortal "chief" "shepherd" displacing Christ the Lord Himself as Vicar of Christ, that is, instead of Christ); yes, this as such cannot be when truth is at stake; God speaks through the majority! (Editor's note: God speaks through the Council and this is evidenced by its miraculous unity of action!!!)

Ecumenical Councils were established, with the first being (held) in 325 A.D.: the most important one where the Creed was revealed. (Next) "And in the Holy Spirit" (was revealed) at the Second (Ecumenical) Council: "And proceeds from the Father". . .while (later in history) the (Roman) "catholics" added that it also proceeds from the Son! (A blasphemy against the Holy Spirit it is to hold to such a false teaching concerning the Holy Spirit and to hold to a false Trinitarian formula that never was, never is, and never will be!!!) When (did) Christ Himself (ever) (permit) you (to) make an addition to say that it (the Holy Spirit) also proceeds from the Son? (There is no record of Him ever giving such permission nor did He teach us to adopt and recite this false Roman innovation of the filioque addition in the Creed. The Roman Catholic Church made this addition to the Creed without authority of an Ecumenical Council and in direct disobedience to the Fourth Ecumenical Council where it was revealed that nobody should add to or subtract from the Creed!!!)

The Primacy and Infallibility of the Pope. Truly, it has been said that three grave errors have been committed since the creation of the world: the fall of Adam (and Eve), the betrayal of Christ by Judas, and Papal Infallibility! It is terrible! And then the Immaculate Conception: that the Mother of God was born without sin! A great error! We know who the Theotokos is! It is mind-boggling! But you compare her to God, you make her identical to Him? She is, still, His servant. "All nations shall call me blessed": that's another thing. But she was born with the original sin she inherited from Adam and through the intercession of the Holy Spirit at birth, the sin was lifted. We escape from its bonds at Holy Baptism. Also, they served the liturgy with unleavened bread, azimes. The word is "artos" - bread, not "azimos"! The new covenant of Christ came with whole bread because Truth is whole: leavened, not un-leavened bread! And despite using leavened bread for 1054 years, they changed! Purgatory! They no longer have the practice of the commemoration of the departed, because they no longer have the Proskomede! In other words, the most important part from the beginning, which the priest does in silence: he commemorates names, he does many things which I have no time to explain now. He commemorates the living and the dead with special Prosfora. Toward the end of the Divine Liturgy when the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ, the discus and the rest are placed in the blood of Christ: "Lord, wash away the sins of those named here!" Only God can forgive sins, not us. Later, they added indulgences so that they could finish building St. Peter's basilica in Rome, thinking that this was a heavenly business transaction. Be gone with your interpretation of "heaven" as commerce! What terrible errors!

One of the greatest errors is believing that "the end justifies the means". In other words, (for example), I kill you and am justified because the "church" says so! It matters little that I have killed you if the "church" supports me. And you realize, of course, that there are many hard-headed people, without sensibility, who would kill because they are (seemingly, so they think) justified by this notion. (But no one is justified in taking such an action!) (They think they are supported in this notion by the following:) Like in the Judaic Talmud: it says that if you see a Christian on the edge of a precipice, push him over! And this is considered a "church" precept: one thinks he is doing well, believing he is bringing glory to God's name! This is what the (Roman) Catholics are doing these days after they introduced: the end justifies the means. While carrying out warfare against you, he is allowed to bring you any type of harm because of what he is trying to accomplish since, again, the end justifies the means. This cannot be; it is NOT the Truth. It is a big tactical mistake in the battle about which God knows everything. I have said this before: God tolerates and tolerates before He strikes. . .this is what happens, we shall see!

May God forgive me, but I tell you as a Priest and I consider myself an ordinary but honest Priest, not one who is greatly advanced, that woe are they! I tell you... It does not work like that, priesthood must be pure, Mister Pope! Priesthood must be honest!

The youtube video of Father Arsenie saying the above words with English subtitles is presented on this webpage:

Orthodox Elder Arsenie Papacioc exposing Catholic and Ecumenist HERETICS! Hear him! He is 95!

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