The Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy

Throughout the centuries, there has been a long lineage of female saints, equal to the Apostles, who have served the Church. Not a one of them, while still serving in the Church militant, achieved holiness.  When they entered into the Kingdom of God, God made them Holy and they become part of His Mighty Prayer Warriors, a force that we can tap into in our daily prayer cycles.

Serving in the Holy Orthodox Church, these awesome women were beacons of light, helping their male counterparts, themselves engaging in the faithful ministries of Evangelism, Apostleship, Teachers of the Orthodox Faith, and providing strength and support to the Church Militant, in an oftentimes hostile environment.  The Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy were prayer warriors, and served the Lord Jesus Christ with great humility in an awesome display of inner strength. Some indeed carried out the Holy Mysteries, such as Holy Baptism, Holy Unction, and Holy Confession.  Most all of them were called to service by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  We should never discount the legacy of these women saints, nor put them into a class below that of the Holy Fathers of Orthodoxy.  We may learn much from reading about these women saints.

Did you know that God's best saint is a woman?  She is indeed the best saint, who is the supreme definition of being humble.  Who is she?  I'm glad you asked!!!  She is none other, than the Most Holy God-bearer, the Ever Virgin Mary.  Without her, salvation would not be possible, because it was her, giving birth to the Holy Word of God (incarnate), that enabled our ability to receive salvation through the Lord Himself.  Let us truly and faithfully honour the God-Bearer (Theotokos) with songs of thanksgiving as we worship the One Lord Emmanuel (Emmanuel meaning God with us), Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten Son and Word of God, Who came into the world to save sinners and bring Eternal Life to us who believe in, and follow Him, our Master and Saviour, Alpha and Omega, King of kings; and Lord of lords.  Amen.

For further information:  Read this book now, written by Eva Catafygiotu Topping, entitled: Holy Mothers of Orthodoxy