The Holiness and Purpose of Marriage and Family Values

Dearly Beloved:

We must come and defend the Holiness and Godly Purposes of Marriage and Family values in our world today. Truly we say to you that it is impossible to carry out the Holy Purposes of this beautiful God made institution through the types of "marriage certificates" being issued unlawfully in the City of San Francisco, California. Such "marriage contracts" are NULL AND VOID in American Jurisprudence and NULL AND VOID in God's Heavenly Kingdom.

If such purported couples can demonstrate to a conclusion how they can participate with God in the creation of His children then by all means they should give us the pertinent details. However, such "couples" as we know cannot make such an argument.

Are, we, dear brothers and sisters, going to give our support and nod of approval to this kind of family destroying innovation? Heaven forbid it!

A search of Holy Scripture tells us quite clearly that it is sinful for a man to be with a man, or a woman to be with a woman. So why do we see such a rise in this practice in our society? We feel it is because the spiritual darkness blinds men and women to pervert the covenental relations by and between a man and a woman. In fact, this goes towards the practice of the alarming trend of men and women "living together" without benefit of the Holy Blessings that come from God.

Today's society labels these innovations as social development, but where is the social development that destroys the fabric of family values? Where is the love from man and woman in permitting all the benefits of a family life situation but without any long term commitment to the family? Would we conceive of liking the idea of our own parents parting company when it was convenient to them? Would we not feel abandoned in such a case as that? Where is love in a situation such as this? The superficiality of this innovation is evil and we must shun it with all of our hearts.

Love is kind, caring, nurturing, and supportive. Love is NOT selfish.

We must not pursue pleasure at the expense of love.

God Bless you all.

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