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Constantinopolitan Encyclical by His Holiness +ANTHIMOS - Year 1895 regarding Roman Catholic/Orthodox Relations.
Ecumenism, the Heresy of Heresies.
Christmas Message - Year 2003.
Christmas Message - Year 2011.
Theophany Prayer
Lenten Prayer
The Holiness and Purposes of Marriage
Abide in the Truth - The Process of Salvation
On the Perpetual Virginity of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Christ
Against Helvidius by St. Jerome
The Power of Saintly Intercession
Is Jihad in accordance with Divine Justice?
Polytonic Greek Liturgical Texts of the Greek Orthodox Church by Rev. Fr Leo Schefe
Setting the Date for Easter: The Holy Orthodox Church Sets a Different Date - Why?
Existentialism - Why its use in perceiving reality is wrong.
Humorous and Cute But Untrue Story of Creation - Why its use in perceiving apparent truths is wrong.
Christmas 2005 message
Revelation 4:1 The Rapture of the Church: Incorrect Interpretation: Study and see what the correct response is.
Learn by Comparison - The Centurion's Great Faith
Christmas 2006 message
Bishop Strossmeyer on Papal Infallibility
The Beginning Actions of the Good News
What is Reality? The Laws of Physics?
The Meaning of Giving Holy Orthodoxy
The Parable of the Squirrel and Job
The Baker's Son: St. Tychon of Cyprus
What Divides Orthodox and Catholics?
Phobognosis and Spiritual knowledge: Enlightenment and Deception
Christmas 2008 message
Water, Prayer, and Thought - a message for repentance and soberness of thought
Liberty and Virtue go Hand in Hand. By Father James Doyle
The Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist. By Father James Doyle
Why Christmas? Does it make any sense?
The Pathway to a Unified Faith in Christ Jesus is the Renunciation of Heresy
The Zohar on the term, << Melchizedek >> : revealing information about The High Priest After this Order of Melchizedek
Airport Security Invasive Scans of People, including You. What do you think of that???!
There is ONE Church.
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