Invasive Screening at Airports?

The news has been ablaze with stories about the new policies of airport security to take extraordinary procedures to drive all of us into a totalitarian police state and remove our dignities further by forcing us to undergo humiliating and totally uncalled for full body scans before we can be permitted to spend hundreds of dollars on airflight tickets. If we permit this practice to continue, we will be ushering in an era where even more tyrannical procedures will be instituted. No, the motto of every American should be and must needs be: "We must defend our inalienable rights against unreasonable searches and seizures."

The unlawful screening employed at the airports uses either x-rays or a pat down procedure, and if anything which appears "questionable" is "found", then the passenger is subjected to a physical strip search. All of that is unconstitutional behaviour and represents a direct attack upon our inalienable rights and dignities granted to all of us by God. Our response, therefore, should be to boycott the airlines until all such of those invasive procedures are eradicated. Let us all remember that excessive exposure to x-ray radiation is a proven cause of cancer, and such exposure heightens our risk of a premature death caused from cancer solely due to x-ray radiation.

A viable alternative to the above invasive procedures is to employ specially trained security dogs to search for explosives using their sensitive noses. Such is a better procedure than the current airport "security scheme" involving illegal physical and/or electronic strip searches and inappropriate touching of the body without sufficient probable cause.

The Holy Greek Orthodox Church, by and through the Orthodox Church of Belize, admonishes all Orthodox Christian Faithful to take action, in protest, against these abhorent and draconian procedures by airport security employees to use invasive body scans and other morally questionable procedures to make travel even more of a living nightmare for paying travelers, all without probable cause, and all carried out by enacting stealthily prepared procedures taking us down the road to a place worse than things were before the American Revolution!

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