Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward all Mankind

Dearly Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Today, we consider the topic that ought to be on the minds of everyone who lives and breathes: the attainment of peace, both inner and outward peace, the kind that passeth all understanding. So, where do we begin? Should we go to our world's leaders and angrily tell them of our displeasure with their agenda of involving us in their strife, or should we go to the top executives of corporations that service huge government defense contracts, or should we blow up anything that promotes war, or should we commit jihad because of our frustration over the Big Satan, or should we begin with achieving inner peace within our own soul and let it grow round about us?

It is manifestly evident that the latter premise is the only answer: that we ought to begin by achieving an inner peace within our own soul, and to then let that peace grow round about us. As each of us achieves this inner peace, this state of being is noticed by our neighbors, who will then, in turn, ask us how we achieved such inner peace. When asked about how we achieve this inner peace, we must devote some patience and care in teaching our neighbors how to achieve that blessed state of mind.

The first thing that such a person, filled with inner peace, realizes is that there is a genuine freedom from the burden of sin-debt brought about by the Free Gift of Grace that comes from the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the believing in that self-same Lord for the Cross, the Tomb, and the Third-Day Resurrection. The next thing that such a person realizes is that their whole life is filled with giving service to such a philanthropic God, and the realization that no personal action of ours, however grand on the scale of conceivable heights, could even come close to matching that supreme act of service performed by our Lord Jesus, which He agreed to, for the sole benefit of all mankind. The third thing that such a person realizes is that the giving of thanks is a primary response of gratitude for the Free Gift of Grace that has been eagerly accepted by us for our welfare.

That a soul is immortal is a well known axiom of accepted philosophical systems of thought, and taught widely by such philosophers as Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato, to name a few. This knowledge brings several different responses among the populace:

I contend that the only group of people that are capable of finding inner peace are those within the fifth class, above described. Thereby, we must know that until this is realized by all peoples who are members of classes one through four, world peace will remain elusive. The solution to world peace is accomplished by our Lord Jesus when He defeated Satan (the Evil One), at the time He died on the Cross for our sins and paid for them, on our behalf; even though HE IS THE SINLESS ONE. And Yet, His Soul did not remain in Hades; for on the third-day, He was resurrected from the dead, by Death conquering death and upon those in the tombs, bestowing Life.

Our Lord Jesus has left the task of planting inner peace to those who are members of His Vineyard. It is they who give service to God and to their neighbor by planting the seeds of inner peace. In a land of hypocrites, however, nothing is accomplished. For example, if we love our neighbor, then we provide for their needs, even at our own expense. We do this in immitation of Christ Jesus. He taught us the correct way. He brings us peace from on High. But, the hypocrites fail to realize that attainment of self-less love is the answer, and so their love waxes cold. This leads to apostasy and discord.

Did you know that God is the author of harmony and order? If you think you know what a consonant chord sounds like, think again! When you hear God's Mighty Consonant Chord being struck, who can stand against it? Heresy is discordant theology that results in deception. Heresy is also an act of treason against Him Who provides Life. Heresy is not within the Ecclesia of God. Heresy is of the world: consisting of liars, sexual immorality (fornication and adultery [because it is anti-family, and because it spreads disease]), homosexuality (male to male, and female to female, [because it is anti-family, and because it spreads disease]), thievery, and all other unrighteous deeds and behaviour.

The Ecclesia of God has His properties: The Bride of Christ is One, She is Holy, She is Universal (Katholikos), She is Apostolic, and Her mission is the same: Love God, and Love Neighbor; for, this fulfills all the Law and the Prophets.

You have heard it said that men in the old testament would take unto themselves many wives. While God in those days, as in these days, would tolerate such a practice without becoming angry, it is equally true that it has always been His Will that a man should only take unto himself one wife and that such a relationship should remain, in its length of days, for the entire life-time of the couple; death being the only cause for the termination of the marriage. It has, in addition, always been God's Will that a marriage be Holy and Divine, attendant with Divine principles for the sake of the children produced by the marriage, as well as for the sake of the couple and the fidelity of their union.

You have also heard it said that we ought not judge others because they eat only vegetables, or because they do not. While God has tolerated the practice of killing animals for food, it is equally true that it has always been His Will that we should treat animals as a neighbor, and love with unselfishness such creatures of God. Otherwise, peace cannot be established and maintained in the world, since the animals will justly treat us as their enemies. Moreso than that is the admonition that we should not commit murder or any other unrighteous deed against our neighbor. This is the pathway to peace and a full part of the Evangelion. Is it not singular to behold the fact that eating meat causes toxicity? Is it not also singular to behold the fact that when we abstain from eating meat during the periods of fasting, that our bodies become detoxified? So, the question before the house is, why do the majority of 'civilized' men and women eat meat? Is it not sinful to do so? Yet, we don't judge the sinner, but instead we preach against sin!

Let us now usher in the celebration of our Lord's Birth with a new mind, where we purpose to become more like Christ during each passing moment until the hour of our death. Then peace will be sown in the world, even though we are not of the world. God be Glorified, always, now and for ever, and from all Ages to all Ages. Amen.

Love in Christ,
Petros Presbeftes, Sysop
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