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Syncretism: the Fallen House of Division

Flying Saucers - Theological Existence?

Healing vs. Sickness and the causes of getting sick

Miracles - Be a Good Fruit Inspector

Halloween - Worship of Whom?

A Revolting Development in Episcopal and Methodist Churches

Gay and Lesbian Rights

Judaism: The Heresy of the Israelites or the Faith of Abraham?

Noahide Laws for the Gentiles, a Spiritual Deception

The Faith of Islam or The Heresy of Islam?

Beware: Wolves amongst politicians in the U.S.

New Age Spirituality: Falsehoods of Satan or Spiritual Enlightenment?

Phobognosis and Spiritual knowledge: Enlightenment and Deception

Allopathy: The False Religion of the Wonder Drug

Denominationalism and Ecumenism

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