There is ONE Church

The Universal Body of Christ is THE Church of Christ; there is no other. Any other congregation which sets itself apart from the Body of Christ, but calls itself a "church" is NOT indeed a part of the True Body of Christ, but is a false church. There are many false churches among us. The job of all members of the Body of Christ is to teach the ONE ECCLESIOLOGY of Christ, which has come to us from the very beginning without change. By this important work we expand the Holy Orthodox Faith which we have been given by the Lord Jesus Christ; Who thus remains undivided, because He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore; just as His Body is also undivided and One in Essence. We must guard against the poison of heresy so as to keep the ONE ECCLESIOLOGY of Christ inviolate, not by individualistic theological opinions, but by the universal mind of the universal Body of Christ, made unified by the Holy Spirit. The ONE Absolute and eternal (unchangeable) God - gave us - ONE Absolute and eternal (unchangeable) FAITH.

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