What is Reality?

Laws of Physics: are they real and static, or subject to the Laws of God?

Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, and other eminent scientists would have us think that physical phenomena external to our person are predictable and quantifiable in accordance with particular mathematically-based theorems based upon scientific observations and experimental inquiries. Indeed, for over a few hundred years, scientific inquiry has been based upon the rigors of a system called the scientific method. The scientific method forces the observer to prove a proposed theory by verifiable experimental evidence and to discount anything else as completely baseless and not a part of reality. Through this rigor of the scientific method, scientists have been holding to the view that all things that cannot be proved by experimental means, or by mathematical indirection are not real and should be discarded from rational thought processes. It is due to this line of reasoning that such concepts as the creation account, the defiance of certain established physical laws is not a part of rational thinking and should therefore not be considered as a true manifestation of science. So, as a result, high school and college students tend to discount the axioms of Biblical truth in favor of science. Science blithely accords a cynical view of religion as a necessary part of the social animal that represents men and women all over the world.

BUT, is the Scientific Method a correct world-view, or is there something even deeper?

In the Bible, we read fantastic stories that seem to be totally unbelievable...things like the parting of the Red Sea, or the account of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Peter walking on water, or the raising of Lazarus from the dead after he had been in the tomb so long that, “He stinketh as a corpse!” Of course, if we are to conjecture along the lines of science fiction movies, such as, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or Plan Nine from Outer Space, we accord a certain possible reality to dead persons rising from the dead, even if hey are portrayed as zombies or vampires or the living dead! How many a horror movie has been made in Hollywood with these thematic postulates of viewing the unknown. And that is exactly the point...How does the scientist account for the unknown? How does the scientist know that eye-witness accounts of unexplainable phenomena are not, in fact, a real occurrence? So, thus, the truly inquisitive person will have to ask if the scientific method can stand the test of universal applicability, such as, to offer a rational explanation of the unknown and mysterious sections of the Universe, hidden from our five senses, or extensions therefrom. What if phenomena that we experience operate in accordance with a higher power? Just because we did not see for ourselves that the Red Sea was parted, or that Lazarus, after he was dead, came forth from his tomb at the command of his Creator? Who are scientists, such as to deny these eye witness accounts and to dismiss them as myths? What credentials do they possess to match the Wisdom of the Maker who made the unexplainable and the unknowable. Who are they to question phenomena without direct eye witness testimony to the contrary just because it doesn't fit neatly into an elegant theory? Shall we continue to put the Creation of Mankind on trial anymore? Isn't it ludicrous for us to question God and His Righteousness and Authority over all things?

There Is a Deeper Reality: and that Reality is that all things in the Creation are governed by God.

It appears that gravity is fixed and immovable; but, in fact, gravity is under the direct control of God. At God's whim, gravity can be suspended temporally in a fixed place to suit a particular place. In fact, Jesus Christ taught us that if we have Faith as a mustard seed, we can literally move mountains. This involves the setting aside of forces of gravity, and motion and conforming them to our thoughts. God wants us to realize that thoughts that originate from a harmonious heart can exercise a power that is directly proportional to the strength of our belief that such deed will be carried out in the spirit of agape in accordance with God's Holy Will. We are no match for God's Will and Mighty Faith, so if our faith is exercised in opposition to God's Will, then, our faith will be no match for His Glorious Steadfast and Immovable Faith. So when things don't work for us in a spectacular way, it is many times due to our unbelief, but it is also due to God's Overriding Will and Mighty Strength through His Agape of his men and women servants.

The Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

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